Silly Space Alien Toddler Costume

An Unseen but Friendly InvasionImagine what would happen if Martians landed on Earth for a fact-finding mission. They would be so confused! All of our customs and traditions would be strange to them. They might find everyday objects fascinating, but use them wrong. Perhaps they would try to ride a tricycle backward, talk to cats and dogs as if they were the real leaders of the planet, and put ketchup in their milk instead of on their french fries. Wait. These are all things that toddlers do. What if toddlers are actually aliens in disguise? That would explain a lot. 

Product Details
Does your little extraterrestrial come in peace? If so, reward him or her with a Silly Space Alien Costume for Toddlers! The exclusively designed one-piece jumpsuit is made of one hundred percent polyester with a minky texture that’s super soft to wear. (It’s unknown whether space aliens are scaly, furry, or feathered, but furry is clearly the most fun, so we prefer to imagine them that way.) Snap buttons along the inseam provide easy diaper or pull-up access, if needed. The suit’s attached foam mitts can be pulled down to free the hands thanks to slits on the back of each. The rounded hood is decorated with oversized black alien eyes and two upright antennae so that your little one can stay in contact with the mother ship. Earthlings Are Peculiar You can’t really blame the aliens for being confused about our preferences. Maybe ketchup really is used to flavor Martian beverages? They do have one thing in common with us, though: They love a good costume!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Green

Material: Polyester


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Silly Space Alien Toddler Costume

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