Silent Screamer Boy’s Costume

What a ScreamThere are good kinds of screams, like the kind you would make if you realized that you just won a million dollars, unlocked that pesky game level, or had discovered a secret passage under the floor. There are not-so-good kinds of screams, like the ones you’d be making if you discovered a knife-wielding serial killer in your closet. The scream your friends will make when they see you in your awesomely creepy costume is a good kind of scream (mostly). 

Product Details
Put on this Silent Screamer Costume for Boys and listen for the shrieks! The outfit includes an ankle-length black robe with a slashed hemline. Its long sleeves have tattered, irregular streamers that are long near the wrists and shoulders and shorter near the elbows. A same-fabric belt can be tied around your waist as desired. Pull up the attached hood to conceal the back of your head. The white vinyl mask will hide your entire face.  The area around its eyes is colored a dark gray, and its mouth is open in a sinister scream!  Afraid of the DarkThis is the kind of outfit you wouldn’t want to see in a midnight alley – unless you’re the one wearing it! If you’re dying (figuratively) to wear something scary for Halloween, this costume is an ideal choice. You’ll collect plenty of candy, and you can whip it out anytime you’re bored and want to make someone else’s life a little more exciting via a jump-scare. Just be prepared for the consequences!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Silent Screamer Boy’s Costume

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