Shy Butterfly Costume for Girls

A Terrific Transformation Becoming a butterfly for Halloween is easy! All you have to do is hang upside down from a twig by your feet, spin a snug cocoon to wrap yourself into, and then turn into a kind of bug soup inside your chrysalis. Then you can regrow yourself from the ground up – so to speak – until you emerge triumphant, shaking out your colorful wings! Alternatively, you could buy yourself a cool butterfly costume. That sounds a lot easier. 

Product Details
Show your striking style in this Girls Shy Butterfly Costume! The outfit includes a gorgeous dress with short, jagged sleeves and a square neckline. The bodice features blue and purple ombre butterfly print material connected by a black inset with criss-crossed blue ribbon lace-up detail. A big blue bow is sewn to the waistline, and the skirt features layers of blue mesh and butterfly-printed panels on top of a solid underskirt. Fabric butterfly wings attach behind each shoulder, and finger loops are sewn to the ends. The final touch is the black headband with its curled antennae. Flutter Fun Each butterfly is uniquely beautiful, but they’re also super smart and talented too (have you ever tried drinking through your feet? It’s much harder than the butterflies make it look! ) That’s exactly why dressing as one of these wonders is the perfect choice for you this Halloween! You’ll stand out from the crowd in a great way: Plus, having your own wings to flap is a lot of fun. Wear it to parties, school events, and more. Any day is a good day to be a butterfly!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Shy Butterfly Costume for Girls

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