Shuri Kids Black Panther Costume

Meet ShuriShe’s cool. She’s hip. She from Wakanda. And have we mentioned that she’s a serious tech whiz? That’s right, Shuri is not just the kid sister of Black Panther and a member of the Royal family. She, also, leads the prestigious Wakanda Design Group.In her laboratory above the vibranium mines of Wakanda, she designs all kinds of amazing technology. Like the Black Panther suit! But, she’s not just around to equip other super heroes with gear to save the day. When trouble’s knocking on the door, she’s not afraid to grab her gauntlet blasters and go out to battle the bad guys. What a lady! Now, if your kid is already thinking the same thing as us, well, then it’s time to get her suited up just like Shuri. In this girl’s Black Panther Shuri costume! Officially licensed from the hit 2018 movie, this costume is sure to be a big hit on Halloween!

Product Details
This Child Shuri Costume captures Shuri’s Wakanda style in a simple and easy-to-wear polyester suit. Fully printed, the sleeveless suit features high collar “armor” and attached bootcovers. Arm bands and heavy duty gauntlets are included. They won’t actually fire repulsor blasts, but they do look like the real deal!  Wakanda ForeverWe know your kids are all about the Black Panther action, and chances are, you’re just as enthusastic. So, outfit your whole family with Black Panther costumes! Team Shuri up with her brother as the Black Panther, and they’ll be a formidable duo. Ma and Pa can get into the action, too, with our adult costumes. You can even call on some of the other Avengers to help save the day. Check out our entire selection to assemble your superhero crew!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Gray & Purple & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Shuri Kids Black Panther Costume