Shiny Bat Kid’s Costume

Batty for CandyIf you thought watching a fruit bat get excited over a piece of banana was cute, wait until you get a load of a candy bats joy! When we found a sparkly bat hanging around the office, we assumed it was either a vampire coming to request a new cloak for Halloween or a really clean fruit bat hoping wed share our lunch. Then it followed us inside and dove right into one of the various bowls of candy we had stashed around the place. Worried it had fallen instead of dived into the treats, we fished them out only to find their cheeks full of sour candies and covered in melted chocolate. That image completely eclipsed the videos of mango-messy fruit bats for us and convinced us to create a costume to honor the little sweetie!

Design & Details
Our clever team of designers got right to work whipping up this Kids Shiny Bat Costume. Knowing kids have a similarly insatiable craving for sweets, it only made sense to make this hooded jumpsuit in sizes just for them. After watching our new friend zip from bowl of chocolate to bowl of taffy and back again, they noticed a sugary sparkle about the bats wings and knew itd need to be included to make the costume stand out. Iridescent scale fabric was used to get the right effect on the wings, tummy, ears, and a bow on the hood. And to ensure the costume looks just as joyful as our sugar-powered friend, smiling eyes are embroidered to the hood on either side of a soft-sculpted nose.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Blue & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Shiny Bat Kid’s Costume

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