Sea Witch Costume for Girl’s

Princess of the Sea Once upon a time, there were mysterious creatures that lived deep in the ocean. The royal family possessed unique and mighty magic that helped keep the peace. Of course, staying in the Coral Castle all day and night was hardly exciting. They had all that neat magic but ended up just using it to sweep the sand out of the entryway or cause the crabby Chamberlain to get swirled up onto the chandelier. (Okay, that last one was always kind of fun.) But, the young princess of the castle wanted some adventure! She wanted to use her magic to explore the oceans and encounter all sorts of other creatures that lived within her domain. Who knew what kind of treats she’d find while swimming through the seas? She decided it was time to go out on a swim-about. With her magical crown set upon her head and all the mystical colors of the ocean on her gown, she set out to bring some magic to the underwater world. 

Product Details
Bring your little princess a bit of magic in the form of this Sea Witch costume. This is a delightful gown that features a blue and purple ombre effect that perfectly matches the magic of the deep sea. Velour and satin make it both comfy and perfect to swish around as your kiddo walks. The black overlay gives your little one the look of the set of tentacles made famous by another sea witch! Top off the look with the elastic crown that features seashell designs. A Little MagicEveryone could use just a dose of magic in their lives. Of course, you don’t want too much. That’s why having it all wrapped up in a cute little package is perfect! No wonder this adorable Sea Witch costume is so enchanting. Once your tyke starts fishing up some spells, it’ll be no time before she claims the throne of the oceans, too. 

Brand: Little Adventures

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Sea Witch Costume for Girl’s

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