Sash 13 Birthday Hot Pink

Marvelous MathDo you have a lucky number? Many people prefer a number related to their date of birth, or sometimes we just have a number that we inexplicably like. Most favorite numbers are single digits, with 7 generally coming in first. In most of Western culture, 13 is considered an unlucky number, but no one really knows why. There are a few theories about its origin, but we think this double digit deserves a rebrand! After all, its the first teen number. Its not 13s fault that 11 and 12 decided to be weird instead of just going with the flow and being one-teen and two-teen. Still, that ends up making 13 pretty special, if you ask us.

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Celebrate becoming a teen with this Hot Pink 13 Sash. While youre wearing it, everyone will know that its your party! The printed word thirteen has a silver glitter star dotting the I to add just a touch of sparkle to your day. But why stop there? Youre thirteen for a whole year, after all. You could wear it for 365 days if you really want! A Beautiful Bakers DozenCelebrate your milestone birthday (or any thirteenth anniversary) with this Hot Pink 13 Sash. Its just the right touch for a party outfit!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Sash 13 Birthday Hot Pink

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