Salad Costume for Kid’s

Eat Your GreensOh no, it’s salad for dinner again! Your family must be on a health kick. It’s true that salad is very good for you, but what’s wrong with the occasional french fry and chicken nugget? Maybe no one will notice if you only eat the croutons and cheese off the top. Or, maybe you can sneak it off of your plate piece by piece and use it to create an amazing Halloween costume! Too far-fetched? 

Product Details
This exclusive Kid’s Salad Costume looks even better than anything you’d see at your favorite restaurant! The sleeveless tunic has roomy neck and arm holes so that you can wear it over your preferred lightweight outfit. It’s completely covered with ruffled mesh and organza in various shades of green to make it look like a fluffy bed of lettuce. Brown croutons, red tomatoes, and hardboiled eggs made of fabric are sewn randomly to the tunic top. Please note that although this costume looks like the ideal salad, pouring ranch dressing all over it would be a very bad idea. Very Veggie Halloween is all about sugary goodness, so throw in a few leafy greens for good measure! If trick-or-treating is part of your plan for the holiday, this costume may inspire people to give you extra treats. “Look at this! ” they’ll think. “This kid clearly enjoys their veggies! They should get more candy as a reward for being so well-rounded.” It might be true, or it might not – you’ll never have to let them know either way. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Salad Costume for Kid’s

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