Roman Sandals for Kids

You dont want him actually marching off into battle–but you cant tell him that! Look how excited he is in his costume. Let him have his fun at Halloween and hell happily return to modern life on November 1, having gotten his fill of ancient Rome. The one thing he may want to keep on, though, are these Child Roman Sandals. Sure, they accompany his Spartan or emperor costume perfectly, but they are also really fun and comfy for his strolls around the backyard. He doesnt even have to join the 300; this pair of strappy footwear is a much lower risk (and much more affordable) way get him battle ready. Dont worry, hell be home before dark; once he finds out they dont have candy in ancient Rome, hes likely to stay put where he is!

Brand: Forum Novelties, Inc

Gender: Male

Size: M

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Roman Sandals for Kids