Rodeo Cowgirl Costume for Toddlers

Cowgirl DreamsOne morning, you awake to find your little one already up, teeth brushed, dressed, and sitting at the kitchen table with toast and black coffee. “Morning, ma’am,” she tips her hat to you, then tells you it’s time to get to her chores before the sun “gets a’blazin.” When you ask her where she’s going, she tells you she’s headed out to the stables and then slides out the back door, whistling an old-timey tune as she rides the family dog to her playhouse in the grass.It sounds like your tyke has been taken by cowgirl fever! Maybe she is in a kind of waking dream or maybe she’s suddenly realized how cool life in the Wild West would be, but either way: you’ve now got a bonafide cowgirl in the house! Help her dreams come true with this Toddler Rodeo Cowgirl Costume and complete her transformation. One thing is for certain, as a fierce and feisty little cowgirl, she’ll certainly learn the value of a hard day’s work. 

Design & Details
This sweet design features a pullover dress styled to look like a shirt, vest, and skirt, complete with an attached horseshoe belt, faux-suede details, and a faux lace-up bodice. Pink tulle layers give the dress volume, while the adorable cowgirl “hat” headband and pink neck scarf add Wild West appeal. Halloween QueenOf course, if your child isn’t quite ready to completely embrace the cowgirl lifestyle, this costume also makes a cute choice for Halloween. Now if you could only teach her to lasso the best morsels of candy from the bucket!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Brown & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Rodeo Cowgirl Costume for Toddlers

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