Ride a Chicken Kid’s Costume

You’ve Got a Chicken To RideIs your child looking for an egg-cellent Halloween costume? (Yep, this is going to be a pun-filled paragraph, so hold on to your straw hat) Most barnyard costumes have been done before. The two-person horse is a classic but relying on other people for costumes can saddle kids with too much responsibility. A lamb costume can make your child feel too sheepish. And of course, your kiddo could totally dress up as an actual chicken but all those feathers getting in his or her mouth while trying to eat Halloween treats can make your kid feel a little foul-tempered. That’s why this chicken ride costume is sure to win the blue ribbon at any costume party throughout the year. This is one costume that’s sure to ruffle feathers in a good way!

Product Details
This costume is less complicated than it looks. All your child will need is a farmers hat and a shirt to throw on under the feathery suspenders that hold this feathered friend up. Stuffed legs hang on the side of the bird while your kiddo’s actual legs are in the yellow chicken legs. The chicken’s body is stuffed and sculpted with a red tail and adorable head with a cheerful yellow beak and gobbler. Your kids will look like they are riding around with the attached white reins. Hatching a PlanWhile this costume would make a great trick-or-treat ensemble, that holiday isn’t the only reason to wear this costume. Your child can strut their stuff at the county fair parade, a farm themed party, or while attending a special 4-H fundraiser. Don’t count on this chicken remaining in the closet after Halloween is over because once your child has a chicken to ride, you simply can’t coop it up!

Brand: Forum Novelties, Inc

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Red & White & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Ride a Chicken Kid’s Costume

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