Red Crayon Costume Dress for Girl’s

Story of a ColorRed is a perfectly apple hanging from the tip of a tree branch, or being offered by a witch with a wicked smile. Red is a stream of molten lava oozing slowly down the side of a rumbling volcano. Red is a ruby being worn by a princess, the banner of a charging knight, the fire blasting from a dragon’s roaring mouth. It’s also the slightly questionable-looking chili being served in the lunch line at your school. Red is everywhere!  

Product Details
Make “seeing red” a great thing when you wear your exclusive, officially licensed Girl’s Red Crayon Costume Dress! The knee-length, sleeveless dress is made light red stretch knit fabric with a wide band of deep red at the bottom of the skirt. The bodice is printed with Crayola’s signature black squiggly wrapper design as well as a vertical Crayola logo. A matching crayon wrapper band is printed around the hips. The fabric-covered headband topped with an attached, foam-backed hat shaped like a crayon tip is the perfect final touch. Bright and Beautiful If red is your favorite hue, color your world with this cool costume! Maybe it will inspire you to create your best masterpieces out of only red, the way Picasso did with blue, or to draw mostly red objects for your next gallery exhibition. Someday, when you’re a world-famous artist whose main medium is crayons, you can look back on the day that you dressed as a Crayola color as the day that your artistic journey began. Bravo!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


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Red Crayon Costume Dress for Girl’s

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