Rapunzel Classic Child Costume

If your little girl is a big fan of the Disney hit Tangled, then you’ve probably learned most of the lines. Unlike Rapunzel, your little girl doesn’t live in a tower, so when she watches her favorite movie over and over you hear every word. Still, Rapunzel is a pretty great princess to be obsessed with. She’s very human with a talent for painting, a head for books, and, despite everything, a deep sense of courage.Like Rapunzel, your little girl might just want to find out everything there is to know about the world. Maybe she’s asking questions about those strange lights in the sky or maybe she’s got a few classic queries about why the sky is blue. That’s what makes this character so easy to connect with. Most likely Rapunzel hit a note with you too, she’s got plenty of attitude, the ability to remind people of their dreams, and her presence seems to regenerate that youthful glow in people, remind you of anyone? Your little princess doesn’t have to live in a tower or even have a time out in a tree to don this gorgeous purple gown. She’ll love the deep violet bodice that’s detailed with a Rapunzel medallion, neck ruffles, and puffed sleeves. She’ll love spinning in the full skirt. She’ll be ready to save the day with her magical locks when she puts on a long braided wig.This dress is perfect for Halloween, a princess birthday party, or simply playing pretend at home. In fact, we can’t promise that she won’t want to wear it every day. Well, with all the tree climbs, horse riding, and day saving Rapunzel did in the dress, we can’t see a problem with your little one going to the grocery store in this ensemble. When she comes out with the dress on, embrace that Rapunzel spirit and tell her in the words of a burly ruffian Rapunzel befriended, “Go, live your dreams.”.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Girls


Color: Purple

Material: Polyester

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Rapunzel Classic Child Costume

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