Queen of the Nile Girls Costume

LITTLE MISS CLEOFolks are always talking about how great it might be to be the king, but all a person gets to rule in that scenario is one little kingdom.  Sure, that might seem like loads of power and fame, but how many kings really stand out over the centuries.  Heck, half of them even just number their names.  Who wants to be the eighth Henry, after all?  No, if anyone wants to truly be remembered, they need to be much more than that! Who else but Cleopatra is better known and held more power?  A dose of Greek and Egyptian… one heck of a diplomat, artist, and tactician… a Queen and the last Pharaoh?  That’s quite the resume for a relatively young ruler.  No wonder we’re still trying to learn everything we can about her!   We’ve got a ton of details about her famous life as the Queen of the Nile.  But, what about those earlier years?  Kinda tough to be certain about what little Cleo was up to, unless…

Design & Details
Help discover some of the missing threads of the story when you crown your little one as the Queen of the Nile with this exclusive costume.  Our designers have worked tirelessly to show their adoration for your little Egyptian with this sleeveless, empress cut dress and gold belt with black accents and hieroglyphics.  The matching collar, wrist cuffs, and headpiece feature shiny gold trim while the sheer cape is a light teal fabric.  All your future ruler needs now is a pair of strap sandals and a scepter!  BE KIND TO THE SERVANTSRemember that when your little one is promoted to a virtual empress that they might look at you as being their servant.  Well, technically, you did get them this costume and might help them dress up in it, so they’re not totally wrong.  Just remind them that a good Cleopatra was always kind to her handmaids.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Green & White

Material: Polyester


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Queen of the Nile Girls Costume

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