Purple Adjustable Candy Belt

Functional and FashionableYes, we know what youre thinking. It is time to find an accessory that is as versatile, bright, and fun as you. How do we know so much about you? Well, your great taste landed you on this page! The Adjustable Candy Belt transcends decades and is perfect for any themed party that comes your way.

Product Details
Imagine that its time to boogie on down to the 70s disco. Get groovy and wear the Adjustable Candy Belt with high waisted bell bottoms and go-go boots. Channel your inner video star and moonwalk into the 80s with leg warmers and bangles. Be sure to rest the belt on your hips over your tutu or leggings¦the belt is strictly an accessory. Shuffle with confidence into the 90s rave with your iconic wide-leg jeans being held securely up. This belt will perfectly match your multi-color plastic jewelry. Dont forget to grab extra glow sticks! Finally, find yourself at a 00s basement show and scream pop-punk lyrics into the void. The purple belt holds your skinny jeans up and your graphic tee reads, ˜rawr. Thick eyeliner and straight hair with side-swept bangs complete the look. DesignWhen we say the Adjustable Candy Purple Belt is fully adjustable, we mean it every way possible! The lightweight belt is perfect for any scenario and fits most teens and adults. When it comes to expressing yourself”this belt will support you through every dance move and every decade.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Purple

Material: Vinyl


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Purple Adjustable Candy Belt

Catalog: EL431845-ST Categories , , , Tags , , ,