Puppy Costume for Toddlers

Mastering the Lingo”What do you want for dinner, kiddo?” Arf! Arf!  “Umm… So, peanut butter sandwiches?”Arrooooo…Yeah, we’ve all been there. So, your kiddo is in their dog-mode. They’re running around on all fours and will only speak in various animal noises. It’s usually dog, but they occasionally decide to throw in a meow or a bird chirp. We’ve even seen some pretty impressive dinosaur calls and we even have a friend with a kid who has a horrifyingly accurate Jabberwock burble that still haunts us to this very day. The problem is how do you manage to communicate with your kid when they decide to forsake all knowledge of your shared common language for a new (however temporary) life of doggo sounds? Well, we’ve got good news and bad news. We’re in development of a spectacular costume that will bestow you with the ability to communicate with animals of all forms. The problem is it is going to be a while before it is ready. So, until then, we have some consolations. 

Design & Details
Your child is going to be in dog-mode for a while, so you may as well lean into the fun of it! Make it all a little less ridiculous by making it adorable with this Puppy costume for toddlers! This exclusive outfit features a soft tunic crafted with soft, swirly faux fur. It features multiple shades of brown faux fur, but the dark tummy is our favorite. The hood features a floppy-eared dog face with an embroidered nose and shiny eyes. Foot covers will make their bounding perfectly poochy.Dog costumes for kidsYou might have picked up on this if you’ve been shopping our site for more than a minute, but we’ve got all sorts of dog costumes that go great with this Toddler Bubble Body Puppy Costume. Be sure to take a look at all of our Made By Us exclusive costumes to see the funnest and furriest costumes around!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Puppy Costume for Toddlers

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