Puppet Giraffe Costume for a Girl

IMAGINATION SENSATION Kids these days” they’ve got quite the imagination. Sometimes, the stuff they come up with really makes us scratch our heads and say, ‘huh?’ They’re natural creative geniuses and we’re always entertained by them. One minute they’re jumping from pillow to pillow, pretending the floor is covered in lava and the next minute, they’re envisioning themselves as robots from the future. Those little stinkers!  If you know a little girl who has a wild imagination, chances are she’ll love the girl’s puppet giraffe costume. It’s got an offbeat twist that unique kids love. It’s a disguise that combines aspects of a princess costume and aspects of a giraffe costume to create a one-of-a-kind look that can’t be ignored. It’s not every day a giraffe-princess comes walking up to the door for candy. Among all the basic witches and run-of-the-mill superheroes out there trick-or-treating, this is the kind of costume people will remember at the end of the night. 

Product Details
 A 3-piece costume that creates a fascinating look! The giraffe-print shirt features fringe on one sleeve cuff while the other sleeve doubles as a puppet contraception. Slip your arm through and control the “giraffe’s” movements. The matching pants are soft and stretchy like leggings and feature a comfortable elastic waistband. Finally, the included pink tutu is made from sparkling pink tulle to offset the rest of the costume while creating a whimsy, enchanted look. The tutu slips over the pants simply and easily, making the entire costume look like one complete piece.PUPPET PALS 4 EVERAfter wearing this costume, your daughter will understandably become obsessed with puppets. Luckily, we have a wide selection of puppets. We have an ostrich costume for girls just like this one as well as a dragon, bunny and fluffy cat puppet/               

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Female

Size: S

Color: Brown & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Puppet Giraffe Costume for a Girl

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