Pumpkin Monster Girls Costume

spooky saleswomanWhen that strange, soft-voiced woman came to your door selling fertilizer how were you supposed to know what kinds of trouble it would cause? Well, maybe you should have known something was off when you saw the fertilizer was a sparkling green formula in a crystal bottle that came in a red velvet lined box. But you used it just like that odd salesman told you to, spreading the elixir on your pumpkin patch in the light of the full moon you began to wonder, “Have I been duped?”.
Product Details
This Girls Pumpkin Monster Costume, a viny, sinuous tunic top, spooky leaf-print collar, rope belt, and creepy pumpkin mask together comprise a truly terrifying Halloween ensemble. Pair it all with a pair of dark pants and high, dark boots to perfectly camouflage yourself in the shadows. You’ll scare anyone who dares come near you!nature takes overIt didn’t take long for you to realize that you had made a good investment. In just a couple days your little pumpkin plants grew to be the size of a breadbox. The leaves were a brilliant lime green, different for pumpkin leaves but hey, your patch sure looked fresh. But you didn’t wear the facemask the salesman told you to wear when you spread the fertilizer, did you? Look at what’s happening now: you’re growing all over from your face down to your hips! You better track him down and ask for an elixir!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Girls

Size: L

Color: Black & Orange & Brown

Material: Polyester

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Pumpkin Monster Girls Costume