Pumpkin Loot Scoop Treat Bag

Its Always ˜TreatRunning from door to door has been the most fun night of your life so far. All four years have been nothing in comparison to this blissful experience! You dash and toddle around with your parents, excitedly pulling away as you approach the porch of each neighbor in turn. Ringing the doorbell, you cheer when they give you all the candy you could have ever dreamed of! After hours, you return home and run to the living room to sort and count you spoils. That is when you realize your mistake! The bag got so heavy that you left it several houses back and wanted to pick it up on the way back! Oh, no! Disaster! Handy BagHanging onto your candy all night long has never been easier than with this Pumpkin Loot Scoop Bag. No longer will onerous bags and sacks weigh you down! The long stick attached to this candy sack will give you enough leverage and heft to haul your candy for miles if need be. The stylish jack-o-lantern face on the bag ensures that your thematic style is constantly affirmed by your accessories. The quality bag will hold up to even the fullest nights of trick-or-treating. Just make sure you offer anyone a hand, since youll have an extra!

Brand: Seasons (HK) Ltd.

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Orange

Material: Plastic


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Pumpkin Loot Scoop Treat Bag