Pumpkin Head Costume for Boys

Does your kiddo have a hankering for a real Halloween treat this year? And we don’t mean the candy kind. We mean that he’s looking for something extra special. That he wants to eschew the typical pop culture choices to find a costume that will really let him be a classic scary beast who’s ready to terrorize the town. Just wait till he gets a load of this costume!This boy’s Pumpkin Head Costume will truly turn him into a twisted Halloween demon. He can cause a terror and he’ll be ready to parade the neighborhood on trick or treat duty as a terrifying Pumpkin King. All those superheroes, princesses, and animated characters out on the street won’t know what to do when they get a load of him!And what a frightening demon he’s really going to be. A foam mask gives him the terrifying details of a deviant pumpkin who’s risen from the pumpkin patch, and the shoulder piece gives him some bulk with twisted vines and roots. The matching polyester shirt continues the effect, and all you’ll have to do to complete the theme is cut and tatter his least favorite pair of jeans.Yes, this pumpkin costume for boys will turn him into a Halloween beast that’s a real classic. Team him up with his friends to build a rogues gallery of who’s who for villains. We think Pumpkin Head should be the leader of the group, but Frankenstein or Dracula just might have something to say about that!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Boys

Size: L

Color: Gray & Orange

Material: Polyester

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Pumpkin Head Costume for Boys