Psycho Jester Girl’s Costume

neighborhood whispersDid you mean to sport the orange-haired, red-nosed, oversized-shoe type of clown this Halloween? Well, have you considered going another route? Because this Girl’s Psycho Jester Costume is circus-chic meets dark fantasy, in the best possible way. A bit tasteful, a bit twisted, and a whole lot of fun to wear, this unique spin on a classic will leave the whole neighborhood whispering in your wake as you skip ahead of them with your bucket of candy.
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This costume is a show stopper, whether you take it in a dark direction or not! It’s an easy-to-wear pullover shirt, elastic-waisted pants, and headband with fiber-filled horns. Style your hair in pigtails or rock a coordinated wig, and make sure to pick up a makeup kit that can top off your look as a clown, your face is your most powerful (and terrifying) storytelling tool!down to earthWhen it’s time to hang up your petticoat, tuck this costume away for another year’s festivities. Or, you may decide you enjoy the dark side so much, that this get-up is bound to become a regular wardrobe staple at school and on errands with your parents. We’re not here to judge, but…uh…we’re also obligated to remind you to keep the mischief in check; this costume is known to spark unpredictable behavior!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Girls

Size: L

Color: Red & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Psycho Jester Girl’s Costume

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