Prospector Costume Kit for Boys

It’s a 49er thingYeeeehaw! Did you catch the news comin’ out of Californy? Yessir, it’s been in all the papers, and the buzz is pretty big time out East. They’ve struck gold! That’s right, the hills of California are packed full of gold waiting to be mined, and all it’s going to take is a bunch of enterprising and adventurous types to head out west and make themselves rich. Know anybody like that in your household?We’re sure you do! And they’re ready for the gold rush! We’re talking about your kid, of course, and we’re sure they’ll be ready to load up in train out west as long as they’re prepared for the adventure. We highly recommend getting them this Boy’s Prospector Costume Kit for the authentic look. They’ll have the look of a California 49er, even though 1849 was over 150 years ago!
Product Details
This costume accessory kit comes with all the gear he’ll need for an old-timey 49er transformation. A hat, suspenders, bandana, and a beard. He just needs his own everyday clothes to complete the look, a plaid shirt and pair of blue jeans looks great! You can also pick up some of our accessories to complete the look, our cowboy boots and a foam pickaxe really adds some vibrant detail (just like we have it pictured!).Trips through time or any other adventureWhether picking out a historical look, an animal theme, or even a zany character from a hit television series, we’re all about making the costume experience the best it can be! We’ve got top costumes in every category, so no matter what kind of adventure he has in mind, we can get your kiddo suited up for Halloween. And if “there’s gold in dem der hills?” Well, even better!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Boys

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Gray & Red

Material: Polyester

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Prospector Costume Kit for Boys