Power Rangers Dino Fury Megafury Saber Costume Accessory

Every Ranger Needs A SaberBefore your little Red Ranger heads out this Halloween to trick-or-treat or to fend off the evil Sporix Beasts, you’ll want to make sure their heroic costume is complete. Any ranger can carry around a Dino Dagger or a Chromafury Saber, but there is only one Power Ranger that we can trust to use the full power of this Power Rangers Dino Fury Megafury Saber. That Ranger is your kiddo. Complete their Dino Fury Red Ranger costume with this awesome accessory.The Megafury Saber is the weapon most commonly used by Zayto when he’s ready to unleash a finishing blow on a Sporix Beast. With your kiddo’s Dino Ranger training, they’ll be able to use this saber without a problem! Whether they run into a Sporix Beast or into any number of monsters they might run into while trick-or-treating, they can easily defeat them. Nothing will get in between your kiddo and a bucket full of delicious candy!

Product Details
This molded plastic toy is designed to look just like the Megafury Saber seen in the TV series. It is made with motion-activated light and sound effects. With simply two AA batteries, your little one’s newest addition to their Ranger Arsenal will be ready to go!

Brand: Hasbro

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Gray

Material: Plastic


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Power Rangers Dino Fury Megafury Saber Costume Accessory

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