Power Rangers Boy’s Blue Ranger Costume

A Force for FunAhh, to be a Power Ranger. What a dream come true for a young boy! The mighty wizard Zordon invests you with mystical powers and bam! You have strength, speed, and fighting skills beyond imagining! Best of all, no grownup can boss you around again. What’s that, Dad? Take out the garbage? Not a chance! I’m too busy being awesome. You want me to eat my broccoli, Mom! Ha! Cruciferous green vegetables cannot penetrate this helmet!Of course, this is purely theoretical. You would never use your powers for evil (because, come on, using your super agility to reach the cookie jar that Mom hid on the top shelf is simple justice, that’s all). What you’ll really be doing is beating up the bad guys and protecting Earth from evil alien forces. It’s all in a day’s work for you and your friends!Product DescriptionWhen bad guys come knocking, you’ll be ready in this Power Rangers Boys Blue Ranger costume! You’ll be instantly recognizable to your fellow Power Rangers in this blue battle suit. The helmet can withstand (imaginary) mortal combat with humanity’s enemies without cracking or denting. Your signature blue suit is made of 100 percent polyester, making it oh-so-flexible for those high kicks and karate chops. A cool belt attached to the front waist completes a look that will strike terror into the hearts of evildoers. Also, can we talk for a minute about the fact that this suit gives you crazy muscles without having to work out? Now that’s a superpower!It’s Hero Time!Someone else is going to have to walk the dog the world needs saving and you’re the one to do it! Step into this super-suit and get ready for an epic showdown. Your trusty battle machine will help you as you face off with alien adversaries (Zord not included). It’s morphin’ time!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Blue & White

Material: Polyester

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Power Rangers Boy’s Blue Ranger Costume

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