Potato Kids Costume

You Tuber! Potatoes are delicious. This is something everyone knows (and something we think about a little too much)! The simple vegetable can be prepared in a million different ways and they’re the one thing that most kids will eat without hesitation. But something that not everyone knows is that potatoes are a type of vegetable called a tuber, which is a kind of root veggie full of starchy goodness. So, why are we talking about tubers right now? Good question! We once heard someone say they wanted a “You Tuber Costumes” and naturally, we did what we do best. We made a costume based on that suggestion. So, our designers went ahead and made these “tuber costumes” intended to turn “you” into one…Unfortunately, we’ve been told that’s not what that means. Apparently, “You Tubers” are not delicious potatoes at all, but we liked this Potato Costume so much, we decided to keep it. Now, your child can quickly turn into a tuber version of themselves with this exclusive costume.

Design & Details
This Made By Us Kid’s Potato Costume transforms any child into their favorite food! The costume comes with a tunic-style top that has a printed exterior with a foam front. The pattern has plenty of spudly spots all over it to help your child look like a real tater. Your child can just toss it on over their normal clothes, making it a quick and easy costume for any kid to change into! Tator’d TotSo, maybe we got a little confused about what a “tuber” is in this situation, but at least your child can reap the benefits! This potato outfit for kids pairs well with many of our food and vegetable costumes. You can even turn your little one into the star of your food group family costume this year!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Potato Kids Costume

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