Pokémon Kid’s Charizard Deluxe Costume

Formidable FirepowerPower comes in many different forms, but few of them are as sensational as fire. While ice, fairy, or poison moves might be just as effective as a wave of flames, you have to admit that they just don’t look as cool. Not to mention that when you add flying to the mix, things become even more exciting! If your child likes fire or has a flair for the dramatic, maybe Charizard is the perfect Pokemon for them. A winged, fire-breathing Pokemon, Charizard is a classic character who has been a fan favorite through the years. (Although we’re still not totally sure why it’s not classified as a dragon type.)
Product Details
Your child will love showing off their firepower with this Kids Pokemon Charizard Deluxe Costume! This cozy jumpsuit will help your kid look just like their favorite Pokemon. It features this flying creature’s blue and orange wings, as well as its cute face embroidered on the hood. (Please note that this costume does not enable the wearer to actually fly. We haven’t gotten that far yet.) The jumpsuit even includes Charizard’s flame-tipped tail on the back. Check out our other Pokemon-themed costumes and put together a whole party, or let your little one fly solo in this awesome costume!

Brand: Disguise Limited

Gender: Boys


Color: Orange & Yellow & Green

Material: Polyester

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Pokémon Kid’s Charizard Deluxe Costume

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