Plush Dalmatian Puppy Kid’s Jumpsuit

Puppy PowerThey say that every doggo has a bit of magic hidden under their collar. Perhaps they meant to say that they all have mischief at the ready, but we think that it might be both! You know that look when a pup stares straight into your soul? Their eyes get droopy and somehow twice as big as they are supposed to be. Then, in a snap, you’re theirs. Snack time? No prob! Go for a walk? Anything for you!  Of course, when your kiddo starts using those same tricks to get what they want, it’s hardly even fair. Might as well just lean into the fact that you’ll never be able to resist them again by combining the two more adorable things in the world and bring them all together into one spot!  

Product Details
 In fact, why not go for several spots when you let your tyke dress up in this Plush Dalmatian Puppy Jumpsuit. This easy costume fits with a set of hook and loop closures and has mitts that flip back to help your kiddo transform from puppy mode to snacking style. A stuffed tail has them wagging around with every step while elastic foot covers have them ready to unleash a puppy pounce. They can pull up the hood to show off their floppy ears and shiny red collar, too. Now you just need to gather up another hundred or so and your kiddo could be the next movie star!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Plush Dalmatian Puppy Kid’s Jumpsuit

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