Plush Corgi Infant Costume

So. Unbelievably. ADORABLE. Fuzzy, furry little animals? Cute! Oversized paws? Cute! Big ears, fluffy butts with wagging tails, extra-short legs? Cute! Your sweet baby with the big eyes and gummy smile? CUUUTE! ! ! Put together, a corgi and a baby are an unstoppable force! Anyone who catches a glimpse of the cuteness ball will be compelled to do their bidding. It’s a good thing that their bidding mostly involves plenty of peek-a-boo because that’s a lot of power for one baby to have. 

Product Details
You’ll hear a chorus of “aww! “s everywhere your baby goes in this Plush Corgi Costume for Infants! The exclusive outfit consists of a onesie made of soft brown plush fabric. A white oval inset resembles a cute puppy tummy. White mitts and footies sewn with pad details keep baby’s hands and feet toasty warm. The attached hood pulls up to reveal A soft-sculpted corgi face sewn with eye, nose and mouth details, including a red tongue. A soft corgi ear is sewn to each side. Partners in CrimePuppies and babies are a lot alike, actually. They both love treats and snuggles. They both chew on anything and everything (especially if it’s not meant to be chewed on.) And they have pretty poor bladder control. At least they make up by it by being sweet, hilarious, and downright adorable! If puppies and babies ever actually teamed up, they could take over the world. Actually, that sounds pretty good! Could we get that on a ballot? 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Plush Corgi Infant Costume

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