Plastic Green Army Man Kid’s Costume

At EaseReady to ship your little one off the army? Yeah, we…didn’t think so. Not quite yet. Sure, you’d love for them to learn to make their bed every morning and eat with more efficiency, not to mention carry their own backpack, but you’re still happy to keep your little soldier under your roof for the time being. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t wear this cool Kid’s Plastic Green Army Man Costume for Halloween and look the part. Designed to look like the classic toy figure beloved by so many, this costume is clever, cute, and fun to wear, all at once! Your kid will feel totally at ease in this nostalgic look. In it, your child can play out some seriously cool secret missions, make-believe they are a toy come to life, or call the shots for trick-or-treating.

Design & Details
Our in-house design studio spent hours studying the iconic plastic army man figure, crafting every detail of this look to represent the classic toy. The overall effect comes from the finish of the green uniform ” it looks painted on! Perfect details like pockets, a side pouch, and a combat helmet all boast the same mottled plastic appearance. The real transformative detail is the boot covers, which include the “plastic” base that helps this little army figure stand at attention. Genius! Basic TrainingDid we mention that this look comes with an increased level of efficiency, attention, and a knack for following orders? That’s a pretty nifty trick! Of course, you’re still going to have to pick up clothes off the floor from time to time, or remind your child to take their lunch to school. They have just started basic training, after all.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Plastic Green Army Man Kid’s Costume

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