PJ Masks Classic Owlette Costume for Toddlers

Into the Night…Whenever something goes wrong in your neighborhood, your little one is there, trying to make it better. Awww. A storm knocked over a potted plant? There they are, scooping up dirt with their hands! Is a bully terrorizing the smaller kids on the block? Your child gently reminds them to play fair or go home. A dog is lost and no one can find it? Your kiddo will use their keen powers of perception to search nonstop until the dog makes it home. It seems like you have a little superhero on your hands! Committed to the good of the community and willing to stand up to evil forces, your kid may just be a member of the elite team of PJ-clad crime-fighters, the PJ Masks! And of course, your child knows that the coolest member of the team is Owlette, the flying, feisty, super-powerful red heroine! Why not turn all that altruism into training by getting them this PJ Masks Classic Owlette Toddler Costume and letting them try it out for trick-or-treating? We bet they’ll be so taken with their new look that they will want to switch to superhero mode full time!

Product Details
This officially-licensed look will fly straight out of the PJ Masks TV show and into your child’s heart. It’s a red jumpsuit styled to replicate Owlette’s, and a matching cape that turns your kid’s arms into owl wings! The hood and mask instantly transform them”now that they are fully recognizable, they can join their crew and set out on the first mission! …To Save the Day! We love how fabulously your kid is taking to their new role as resident nighttime crime-fighter. The protective spirit of theirs will have a good home in Owlette’s look. Just remind them to keep a keen Owl Eye out while they trick-or-treat, you never know where Romeo may be hiding!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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PJ Masks Classic Owlette Costume for Toddlers

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