PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume For Kids

Making the World Safe for SleepOther kids drift off to dreamland when they put on their pajamas, but not you. While the world slumbers, you join forces with your friends Amaya and Greg (otherwise known as Owlette and Gekko) to foil bad guys and make sure that sweet dreams never turn into nightmares. Pirate Robot, Octobella, the Wolfy Kids and all the rest of the villains might think that they can get away with anything when evening falls, but you’re here to stop their plans and help the powers of good prevail!  

Product Details
You don’t need to wait till night to transform into your animal alter ego! This officially licensed Adaptive Catboy PJ Masks Costume will do the job for you – no magic powers required. The one-piece outfit has many openings for IVs, abdominal access, and more, and it’s as cozy as a pair of pjs. Printed graphics such as a cat head on the chest and lightning bolt details make you look like the real deal. The included foam mask covers your upper face and stays in place with an elastic band. Activate Your Animal Amulet!  That mad scientist Romeo is at it again! He’s sure that his newest crazy invention will give him power over the whole world and let him rule everyone, but once again, he’s forgotten that the PJ Masks are always on the lookout! Stop crime, hang out with your friends, and collect candy this Halloween when you dress as the masked cat hero!  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 2T

Color: Blue

Material: Polyester


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PJ Masks Catboy Adaptive Costume For Kids

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