Pink Fox Toddler Onesie Girl’s Costume

Woodland WonderTread quietly when you enter the forest. It’s said that a very special sort of creature lives hear. The creature in question is even more magnificent than a fire-trailing phoenix, more elusive than a unicorn, and, quite possibly, even more magical than a dragon. Very few people have been privileged enough to catch a glimpse, but sometimes, especially around Halloween, she can be persuaded to visit the neighborhood. 

Product Details
No zoologist in history has ever seen anything as magnificent as your child when she’s wearing her exclusive Girl’s Pink Fox Onesie Costume for Toddlers! The jumpsuit zips up the center front and is made of soft pink polyester microfiber fleece. The torso is sewn with an oval-shaped white fleece inset that matches the rib knit sewn to the wrist and ankle cuffs. A stuffed tail made of pink fleece and tipped with white is attached to the jumpsuit’s seat. The costume’s hood is decorated with fabric ears and embroiderered fox features. Fairy Tale Fox How did this particular fox get her specially hued coat of fur? Some legends say that it’s because the fox lives on a diet of wild strawberries and cotton candy milkshakes. Others say that it’s due to a certain kind of magic that the fox possesses (she’s secretly a shapeshifting fairy). No matter what the truth is, she’s clearly a being of great power. Stay on her good side by offering her plenty of trick-or-treat candy and maybe letting her stay up a little past her bedtime. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Pink Fox Toddler Onesie Girl’s Costume

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