Pikachu Kids Romper

Spark a SmileThere are few greater joys in the Pokémon world than watching your favorite critter gain some amazing new moves. The first time your Pikachu tries out a Quick Attack to claim a win or proves that they know how to Play Nice to pacify a foe, you knew that this Electric Mouse was going to be with you forever! (That’s true even when they start scheming with a Nasty Plot to make that Thunderbolt something truly elaborate.)But there is one other activity that Pokémon love even more than perfecting the ultimate moveset. That’s when they get to head out for some pampering to try on a new fancy outfit. Pikachu is one of the few Pokémon that gets to show off some cool couture and that’s easily one of the reasons that they’ll always be topping the charts of Poké-Popularity. Now, you may have noticed your own kiddo chirping around and responding to questions with an excited “Pika Pika,” too! That’s not just them pulling a Fake Out. They might have a Wish to get their hands on this Pikachu Romper for Kids!

Product Details
It’s time to help your tyke evolve their Pokémon game with a romper that is just as Charming as they are! This one-piece outfit features all-over print with Pikachu’s bright yellow against several dark shadows of the iconic Pokémon mascot. Yellow accents the sleeves and sides and a zipper in the front keeps the outfit secure. Perhaps the part your kid will love the most is the hood! It pulls up to reveal Pikachu’s grinning face as well as a pair of ears that will jet out to create an animated look that everyone will love. You might hear a few “Pikas” throughout the day once they have this romper on but we can assure you there’ll be even more wide smiles!

Brand: AME Sleepwear

Gender: Male

Size: 10

Color: Black & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Pikachu Kids Romper

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