Pickle Toddler Costume

Pickles on the SideToddlers are notorious for wild feelings, wild personalities, and wildly picky eating. Take your kiddo, for instance. They won’t even look at a plate of food unless it has a pickle on it. Grilled cheese for dinner? Pickles, please! Chicken fingers for lunch? Not without a pickle! And those blueberry pancakes made with love this morning? Yep…you better serve ’em with a pickle on the side!  So it should come as no big shock to you that this Toddler Pickle Costume is an instant winner with your child. They will practically leap out of their seat when they see they can become their favorite food this holiday. And don’t worry, it’s just a phase. Probably. It’s best to just go with it. After all, if you want them to eat all that Halloween candy they amass, they are going to need a side of pickles. What an odd statement that is. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? 

Design & Details
Your kiddo’s favorite food is now the cutest-ever Halloween costume! Our design team created this exclusive look to please even the pickiest costume connoisseur. And here’s the best part ” it’s such a simple costume to pull off! It’s a pullover tunic with a detailed gherkin design, made to look like a real dill pickle. Make it a MealIf your family is aiming for a fun theme, add this costume to a gathering that includes a hamburger, fries, and a milkshake for a great group costume that’s as mouth-watering as all that Halloween candy!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Pickle Toddler Costume

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