Photoreal Hot Dog Child Costume

Frankly FantasticEver wondered where the hot dog got its name? We certainly have. How on earth does a sausage-shaped piece of meat look like your friendly Fido? We did some research and found out that hot dogs were originally marketed as dachshund sausages, which does make a little more sense. We can see the resemblance there. Regardless of their origins, hot dogs have become a staple of American summertime food. Its almost impossible to find an outdoor baseball game or cookout that doesnt serve them. After all, theyre relatively easy to cook, nicely portable, and very delicious. Whats not to love? If your child wants to make a little money this summer but the neighborhood lemonade market is already saturated, maybe theyd like to try selling hot dogs! And everyone knows the best way to advertise your product is to dress up as a huge version of it.

Product Details
Whether your child is trying to drum up a little business, needs a funny costume for a party, or just wants to have some laughs dressing up, this photoreal hot dog costume will do the trick! Its a one-piece pullover tunic, so if Halloweens get cold where you live, your child can wear their own toasty clothes underneath to keep warm. Also, theres no need to fiddle around with buttons or zippers. The realistically printed tunic has the appearance of an oversized hot dog complete with a fluffy bun, mustard, and grill marks.Summer SnacksYour kid can be the mascot of your summer get-togethers with this photoreal hot dog costume. Its also a great option for school plays, Halloween, or just playing dress-up. If youre still hungry, check out our selection of other food-themed costumes. Add some sides and dessert, and your group could be a whole meal this Halloween!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Brown & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Photoreal Hot Dog Child Costume

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