Petite Pirate Toddler Costume for Girls

Avast, Ye Swabs!  All toddlers are essentially pirates. There you are, sitting comfortably with a mug of coffee and a cookie, scrolling through your social media feed, and bam! A little hand sneaks under your arm and swipes the cookie. They’ll take anything they like – your bedroom slippers, their older sibling’s action figures, the dog’s water dish. Literally nothing is off-limits. If you tell them not to take other people’s things, they give you a blank look as if to say, “But EVERYTHING is mine! ” That’s why they can “share” your snack and wear your robe as a cape, but heaven forbid you touch anything of theirs. Then you’ll see some gunpowder explosions!  

Product Details
 Dress your little plunderer for success in this Girl’s Petite Pirate Toddler Costume! The comfortable jersey-knit dress has black and white stripes on the skirt and printed lace-up details on the bodice. A wide black belt decorated with a skull and crossbones buckle warns merchant ships of their grim fate if they dare to defy the pirate queen! The blue jacket has golden rickrack detail finer than anything found in the shops of Port Royal. The black and white bandanna matches the skirt and fits comfortably under the skull-and-crossbones-embellished black tricorn hat. Terror of the High SeasVery few people manage to be both adorable and fearsome at the same time, but your little one manages to pull it off. You’ll be laughing too much to care when she swipes your things – after all, it’s her rightful booty!  

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Female

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Black & Green & White

Material: Polyester


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Petite Pirate Toddler Costume for Girls

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