Peace Out Hippie Girls Costume

Far out, girl! So, your daughter and her gal pals are ready to pile into the minivan and take a road trip to Woodstock, eh? Groovy! But there are definitely a few things you should make sure she doesnt forget¦1. Bug spray. Were talking about three days of music and camping in the country. If she wants to be able to enjoy Jimi Hendrix or the Who, shes got to be able to hear them over the buzzing of nearby mosquitoes.2. Water. There will certainly be plenty of other¦ substances¦ available, but we both know those are no good for a growing (underage) girl. Make sure your little hippy brings plenty of water so she can stay hydrated. She doesnt want to get heat stroke while listening to Canned Heat.3. Toilet paper. That one is pretty self-explanatory but painfully easy to forget. There will be more than 400,000 people there, and only 600 toilets. Enough said.4. A boss outfit so she can fit in with all the other beautiful people.We dont sell practical things here, like water or toilet paper, but for the last one, weve definitely got you covered with our Girl’s Peace Out Hippie Costume. The psychedelic patterned shirt comes with an attached fringe vest on the front, while the sweet bell bottom jeans have design cutouts on the sides. It also comes with a groovy flower headband and belt set. Your girl will be ready to rock out in no time!

Brand: Costume Culture by Franco LLC

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Yellow & Blue

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Peace Out Hippie Girls Costume