Oversized Alien Costume for Kids

Saucers in the skyDang. With all the reports of UFOs whizzing around planet earth, we’ve figured we would’ve seen a real alien by now. Seems like there’s always a flying saucer somewhere! We, most definitely have not had a close encounter of the third kind. But, we do know a way that you can get a glimpse of a real ET yourself. All you gotta do is slip your kiddo into this Kid’s Oversized Alien Costume! We’re totally positive he will absolutely love being a little green man for Halloween. Because, unlike those spooky grays, little green men just like to have fun! Hey, we’re not experts, but we’re pretty darn sure about that. Just look at this how we designed this costume. Big and green, with antennae, and in a soft green polyester velour. We’re sure this costume is destined for fun!

Design & Details
Fact of the matter is, we did create this costume right here in our own studios. And that means it’s Made by Us! This Kid’s Oversized Alien Costume was a fun one to make, too, because who could imagine a Halloween party without at least one alien! Your kid can do the lifting on the ET experience when he gets this Alien costume. Styled as a jumpsuit, it comes with the signature mask and gloves. The mask is comically oversized, but it seems to match at least some of the eyewitness accounts that we’ve heard about. You can also complete the look with a toy blaster, like we have it pictured, but that’s sold separately.A mighty green themeAs you might have picked up on, we’re pretty darn enthused about this alien costume. And guess what? We have the same costume in adult size, too. Outfit your whole family with green alien costumes, and you can recreate your own saucer crash landing scene in your front yard for Halloween!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Green

Material: Polyester


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Oversized Alien Costume for Kids

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