Orange Monarch Butterfly Girls Costume

A Beautiful ButterflyEveryone loves butterflies! There’s something magical about watching them flitting past your window, with wings flashing every color of the rainbow. It’s not hard to think they’re the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen, especially the Monarch Butterfly. Everyone recognizes this beautiful butterfly with its iconic yellow-and-black wings.We bet your little girl loves Monarch Butterflies too. Maybe she even wishes she was one! Does she long to hatch out of an egg onto a milkweed plant, eating constantly for the next two weeks as she sheds her old skin up to five times? Nature is so beautiful! During this time, she’ll grow 2,000 times her original size! Talk about a growth spurt! Maybe she most looks forward to crawling away and spinning a bright green chrysalis from a spinneret on the bottom of her head. There’s nothing like being encased in goop for two weeks, only to burst forth as a butterfly and spend several hours waiting for her wings to dry before it’s safe to fly off.

Product Details
Help your little girl transform into a beautiful butterfly with this Girl’s Orange Monarch Butterfly Costume. The polyester dress is covered in in beautiful orange wings on the top and more black-and-orange spots on the skirt. The skirt is trimmed with black fringe, which matches the sheer mesh on the top. The costume also includes a headband with orange antannae attached to it, complete with black poms on the top. Of course, a butterfly can’t fly far without her wings, and this costume comes with big, beautiful monarch wings in the back of the dress.Fly, Fly AwayWith this gorgeous Girl’s Orange Monarch Butterfly Costume, your little girl will be able to transform into the Monarch butterfly of her dreams. You’d better help her prepare for her annual migration!

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Female

Size: S

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Orange Monarch Butterfly Girls Costume

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