Orange Astronaut Romper Infant Costume

You can already see the stars twinkling in your little one’s eyes. The apple of your eye may still only be knee high but you can already tell, by that smiling stare towards the night sky, your kiddo is going to be an explorer when they grow up. Not just one of the land or the sea, either. No, beyond the planet we all call home and onward into the endless abyss known as the universe. Your little one has finally mastered the art of walking and now it’s time to move forward to space travel! Besides beginning the lessons in chemistry, engineering, and piloting all you really need to do, in order to get your tiny naut-tot NASA approved and ready for any mission in space, is grab one of our Infant Orange Astronaut Rompers! Once you slip this Astronaut jumpsuit onto your child, get your camera ready to capture your little space cadet taking one small step for a baby and one giant leap for babykind! And maybe even one cute tumble for your memory bank of precious moments. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, there’s no telling as to how long your kiddo’s expertise will be needed in outer space. Children can have awfully high hopes for their future when they are very young. Often all they need is the encouragement to continue pursuing their goals and to, eventually, achieve their dreams. So if you’re a parent that believes in supporting your infant’s wildest aspirations and your baby happens to be dreaming of the stars, then be sure to grab this Astronaut Romper!

Brand: Aeromax

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12mo

Color: Orange

Material: Polyester

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Orange Astronaut Romper Infant Costume

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