Orange Astronaut Helmet for Kids

Ever spent a year in orbit? We’re guessin’ you haven’t since only a small proportion of humankind has ever made it through astronaut training. So allow us to fill you in. It’s intense. Like seriously intense. And after you’ve spent all that time in zero gravity, it takes some serious adjustment to get used to life back on earth. (Ask NASA Astronaut Mark Kelly if you don’t believe us. 340 days in space, yeah buddy!)But if a spaceman needs anything for the mission, they’re gonna need one real, real important vital piece of equipment. Their space helmet! They sure wouldn’t want to go on a spacewalk without one, and to be honest, space suits look a little goofy without one. This helmet is sure to be just the thing to let your little guy or gal blast off. It features NASA decals and a flip-up visor, and it completes our orange astronaut costume set. Pick up this sweet helmet to complete your astronaut-in-training’s suit, and they’ll be one step closer to making “one giant leap!”

Brand: Aeromax

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Orange

Material: Plastic

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Orange Astronaut Helmet for Kids

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