Optimus Prime Transformers 5 Shield

SHIELD OF THE MODERN MIDDLE AGESBack in old history when it was speculated that Merlin and King Arthur had knights galavanting around the country, defeating creatures from the old world and seeking powerful weapons of ancient magic, certain kinds of equipment was common place.  Now, if you acknowledge the strange interactions of the Transformers upon the world even back in this ancient time, suddenly it makes a little more sense at the kinds of equipment that the Cybertronians wield when pressed to fight! 
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Show that you know Optimus Prime in every incarnation when you complete a look by wielding this Optimus Prime Shield from Transformers V: The Last Knight.  This molded plastic shield measures 12 inches in diameter and has elastic wrist bands on the back for easy wear.  Officially licensed, this shield is decorated to show that mystical blend of old world and high tech all in one!MECHA WIZARD MEGATRON!?We might have thought that Megatron was a big bad to begin with, but when he can start wielding the staff of the most powerful druid that ever walked the Earth, well, that’s where things are getting pretty spooky!  Facing down Megatron-Merlin definitely requires an extra boost to your defenses, so this officially licensed Optimus Prime Shield is definitely the way to go for all your Autobot needs! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Red & Gray

Material: Plastic

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Optimus Prime Transformers 5 Shield