Optimus Prime Child Prestige Costume from the Transformers

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a robot in disguise as your child? Just think about if for a second. He could act as a deterrent for unwanted Decepticon attacks. He could lead all of his robot friends, the Autobots, into battle against the forces of evil in your backyard. He could maybe even transform into a semi-truck, just like you always wanted to do as a kid. Yes, wouldn’t it be grand if your child was a Transformer?Well, what if we told you that your kid could not only look like a Transformer, but he could even get the look of the leader of the Transformers. It’s true! This Optimus Prime costume is a prestige outfit for children that will have them ready to “roll out” with the rest of the Autobots. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that has muscle padding packed into the chest and arms, giving your kid one buff robot kind of look! The costume also has hip armor and a pair of shoe covers to help with the transformation. It even comes with a molded mask that makes your child nearly indistinguishable from the real Optimus Prime!Now, unfortunately it won’t actually give your child the ability to turn unto a semi-trailer, but at least he’ll still be ready to kick some Megatron butt should he find his way to your home. Just make sure to check out some of our adult Bumblebee costumes if you want to join your child in his fight against the bad guys.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Blue & Red & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Optimus Prime Child Prestige Costume from the Transformers

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