Open Face White Bunny Toddler Costume | Snow Bunny Costume

Adorable with a Capital “A”Toddlers are adorable. There’s really no disputing that. And pretty much everything they do is endearing, even when they’re making a huge mess! From spilling milk all over the floor when they try to make breakfast all by themselves to painting a big heart on the living room wall, you can’t help but go, Awwww, no matter what they do. We thought that there was no possible way to increase the cuteness of your toddler, but we thought wrong. Our costume experts studied the very core basics of cuteness and found the ultimate costume to enhance your toddler’s cute factor.

Design & Details
This toddler White Bunny costume mixes your toddler’s natural adorability to create a look that’s so cute, you won’t even be able to resist snuggling with your little one. The white jumpsuit is covered in polyester faux fur that does double duty as a cuddle enhancer and a smile generator. The tiny little fluffy tail on the back and the headpiece with long rabbit ears only further amplify that effect. You see, once any adult sees that fuzzy little suit on your kid, suppressing a smile is impossible! The final piece to this costume is the matching little foot covers, which will have your kid hopping like Peter Cottontail heading down the rabbit trail! Of course, make sure to serve up a nice snack of carrots for your little one, since all that hopping around is definitely going to make him hungry for some classic rabbit food!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Open Face White Bunny Toddler Costume | Snow Bunny Costume

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