Nude Kid’s Tights

Department of Redundancy DepartmentThere are all kinds of things that we do as humans that would definitely seem redundant or pointless from the perspective of an alien. We have perfectly good feet, yet whenever we go out, we strap on bigger, rubber feet. Not only that, but we wear small, fabric feet between our real feet and our rubber feet! We put all of our dishes away, each in their own special place, even though we will have to take it back out again when we next want to use it. Madness! These Childrens Nude Tights are a perfect example of this. Our kids have perfectly good skin on their legs, yet we go to all the effort to wrestle them into these tights that look exactly the same. But, then again, we as humans know that socks and shoes have an important purpose, just like proper kitchen organization and, yes, even tights.Princess for a DayWe know that it is not always easy to convince your kids that they have to wear certain clothes, but we promise that once they get used to these comfy, 100 percent nylon tights, they will feel like royalty. These opaque, nude-colored tights will make your child look perfectly proper, no matter the occasion!

Brand: Leg Avenue

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Brown

Material: Nylon


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