Nintendo Pokémon Child Pikachu Deluxe Costume

A Brand New PikachuWe’ve been watching the mysterious evolution cycle of Pokemon for years. Some never evolve and continue to be the adorable critters that we found when we first looked into the tall grass. Others evolve when they reach a particular threshold of happiness, some when they hit that perfect sweet spot of combat experience, and others only evolve when they get to meet someone new and go on a brand new, grand adventure. Of course, the Pokemon that evolve from drawing out the mysterious energy of cosmic stones throughout the world may be some of the most interesting Pokemon out there. With a Thunder Stone, you could take your level-1 Pikachu and instantly beef up that guy with some major power by leaping up to Raichu in an instant. Or you could have them learn all sorts of cool moves before making the leap. Maybe keep them cute forever! Or you can use one in Aloha and give them psychic powers! But… we’ve discovered a brand new Pikachu form that we think is probably the best of all! 
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It turns out that the cutest form of Pikachu ever has been right in front of our noses for years: the Kiddo Pikachu! With this mysterious Deluxe Pikachu costume, you can transform your little one into a Mega Pikachu in an instant! This mysterious relic is a bright yellow jumpsuit that features Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail and a headpiece with his face and rosy cheeks. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), we haven’t figured out how to include any of those amazing electric moves with the costume.Serious Stat IncreasesThe moment you evolve your kiddo with this Pikachu costume, your Pikachu Youngster might gain incredible speed and a ton of energy… and we know their happiness stat will go through the roof! They may also develop some minor electric powers… but only if they shuffle their feet along your carpet. (We think they had that power already, though.) 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Yellow & Black & Red

Material: Polyester

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Nintendo Pokémon Child Pikachu Deluxe Costume

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