Nintendo Pokémon Child Pikachu Classic Costume

The Pokemon for EverybodyTheory: people who are Pokemon fans are serious Pokemon fans. They can list off dozens of Pokemon, if not hundreds. They know all the stages of each Pokemon, their strengths and their weaknesses. This isn’t even including the actual Pokemon show, with its human characters and plots! But there is one Pokemon that everyone knows about. Who could forget the cute, yellow creature that is Pikachu? Fans from the first generation all the way up to the current one know and adore them, as do people who have no idea what Pokemon is actually about. Little Pikachu lovers of all levels of knowledge will love running around in this Pokemon Child Pikachu Classic Costume!
Product Details
This one piece jumpsuit fastens at the back and is a bright, solid yellow. The most important piece, Pikachu’s lightning bolt tail, is made of foam and is sewn onto the back of the suit to keep it in place. Lastly, your child can’t be Pikachu without the Pokemon’s adorable face! This plastic rendition has an elastic band for the head and has all of Pikachu’s classic features: black-tipped ears, red circle cheeks, and a wide grin. The eyes are mesh, so semi-obstructed vision is possible. Take this suit to the next level with some yellow gloves and shoes!It’s Time to SparkIn this Pikachu costume, your child will be calling “pika pika!” from all over the house and in the neighborhood. And if a little electricity is needed, no problem. A little “pika…CHU!” and a bolt will appear! Okay, it won’t actually appear, but it will be easy to pretend in this great suit! So grab a trick or treating bucket and take your Pokemon out on the streets. Everyone knows Pikachu Pokemon get more candy! (Or at least, they should!)

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Nintendo Pokémon Child Pikachu Classic Costume

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