Ninja Prestige Kid’s Costume

Trained for This Plenty of people can become warriors, but only a few master the way of the ninja. They’re the fighters you call on for the impossible tasks and the most challenging missions of all. Need someone to be able to run across an open rooftop to get to his or her target? You’re going to need a ninja. Does the job involve total silence and a catlike ability to see in the dark. Get a ninja. Will the operation need complete secrecy from beginning to end? You guessed it. Ninja! 
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Be the most elite kind of fighter in your Ninja Prestige Costume for Kids! The costume is a single jumpsuit that’s styled as  solid black long-sleeved shirt with a matching black hood. The top is a red tunic with the winged shoulders and printed golden dragons that look utterly impressive. A red mask matches the tunic, as do the red and gold arm guards that attach over your wrists. Red shin guards printed with more gold dragons shield your legs. Add your trusty throwing star and your katana before heading out on a mission! The Ninja Way You’ll never see the ninja coming. He or she moves like the wind, appearing one moment and disappearing the next. The only thing you can be sure of is that they will complete their job successfully. This time, the job is to collect as much Halloween candy as possible while having a great time with friends. This mission doesn’t require extra stealth, but it does require an awesome outfit – which is another ninja perk! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Black & Purple & Red

Material: Polyester

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Ninja Prestige Kid’s Costume

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