Nightmare Before Christmas 3 Pair Youth Character Socks

Good Friends Rescue Each OtherSometimes being a best friend means doing weird or scary things to help the other person out. You may find yourself leading a rocket sleigh pulled by a team of skeleton reindeer, trying to rescue Sandy Claws, or distracting the Boogie Man by unravelling his threads while he tries to turn you into a shish kabob. 
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Friends don’t let their friends’ toes get cold! This set of Nightmare Before Christmas 3 Pair Character Socks for Kids have your back (or your feet, anyway) and look amazing. Each sock features awesome knitted-in graphics, including an image of Sally, Jack Skellington, and Zero. Halloween’s Almost Here!There are only three hundred and sixty-four days to get ready for the next Halloween, so start by wearing a fun pair of socks! It will get you in the holiday spirit while you practice your big, spooky musical number. 

Brand: Bioworld Merchandising / Independent Sales

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: As Shown

Material: Polyblend

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Nightmare Before Christmas 3 Pair Youth Character Socks