Mountain Goat Toddler Costume

IMPOSSIBLE CLIMBING SKILLS! While there certainly isn’t a complete and authoritative guide to raising kids, there are plenty of general tidbits of wisdom that have been passed down through the generations to help parents cope with the struggle. You’ve heard that it takes a village, no doubt! With this assistance, we teach the kiddos how to crawl, walk, and take those first baby steps into walking. Then, we watch as they start to grow and climb into the big kid they’re destined to be! However, every kid manages to offer up a few unexpected quirks that no village can quite expect. And, when we suggested that they might climb up, we meant figuratively. But, perhaps you’ve noticed that your youngster maybe takes “kid” a little too literally and thinks that they’re a goat. Oh? Something that is up? Obviously, I need to get on top of that… right now! That must be what’s going on in their heads for how often they’re scaling literally everything!

Design & Details
If your kids keep looking at mountains like they’re destined to get there, help them feel out their inner climber with this exclusive Mountain Goat Costume for boys and girls. Our team of designers has worked hard to create this high-quality faux fur jumpsuit with a tuft of a goat tail and vinyl hand and foot covers to create the look of hooves. The hood has a long fur beard, brown plastic eyes, and has a shaped goat snout. The horns are stuffed vinyl. They’ll just need to perfect their best billy goat sounds! A LITTLE BILLYWhether they are climbing on top of everything in view, precariously purchased on ledges like they’re kings and queens of the dining room, or even occasionally just snuggling up calmly to a favorite show, your little kid would make a great little kid with this Mountain Goat Costume! Fortunately, the horns are soft so you don’t have to fear any headbutts!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Beige

Material: Polyester


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Mountain Goat Toddler Costume

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